· The rainy day fund grows to $1.838 billion, or 8.2 percent of last year’s budget – the largest dollar amount and percentage in state history.

· $125 million will go to make needed repairs and renovations to state and university facilities.

· North Carolina’s military operations will help to be preserved with $2 million for the next Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC).

· The commitment to improving government transparency continues by funding a website that makes every state agency, county, and local school district budget available for citizens to view online.

· Those who provide our services, our dedicated state employees, will receive a $1,000 across the board wage increase.

· Government operations efficiency is targeted in a fully-consolidated statewide Enterprise Resource Planning system.

· The office of the State Auditor will conduct more specialized audits, and funding is allocated to assist the state Department of Revenue and Department of Insurance in identifying and preventing fraud.