· Provides more than $27 million over two years to add 3,525 new pre-K slots—eliminating 75 percent of the waitlist for at-risk children.

· Upgrades the Controlled Substance Reporting System that will use advanced analytics to detect and fight prescription drug abuse.

· Allocates $15 million over two years to community health centers, rural health centers, free clinics, and other health services providers in rural and underserved areas that assist the uninsured.

· Invests $18 million to improve North Carolina’s child welfare program, including new training and prevention programs, and nearly $4 million to improve accountability and oversight of the system.

· Earmarks close to $3 million to provide support for additional foster children in the system.

· Continues preparing for the transition to Medicaid reform by allocating $75 million to grow the Medicaid Transformation Reserve.

· Includes more than $12 million for 400 new innovation waiver slots for people with intellectual and other related developmental disabilities that are at risk for institutional care.

· Designates $10 million for opioid and substance abuse treatment statewide.

· Allocates $19 million from the sale of the Dorothea Dix property to fund behavioral health beds.