My first legislative session came to a close in the wee hours of the morning on June 30th. Since that time we have held 3 “special” sessions for various purposes. These included the wrap-up of some unfinished business, the consideration to override more of the bills our Governor had vetoed, and to redraw legislative districts that were required by a recent court ruling. This should complete our legislative activity for 2017, outside of interim committee meetings. We will most likely reconvene in January for a short period of time.

Let me first touch on the current political environment in Raleigh. The fairest word to describe the ongoing relationship between the General Assembly and the Governor is ‘strained.’ This relationship very much set the tone for much of the session. It certainly contributed to the flow and the speed at which both chambers operated. In spite of this tone, I and my comrades accomplished some very good things for NC. Please read on.

State Legislature


Following are some of the key accomplishments of your General Assembly in 2017. Feel free to contact me if I may answer any specific questions, or assist you in any way.

· NC enjoys AAA Bond Rating - 1 of only 12 states in the country

· The most recent fiscal year resulted in a $582 million revenue surplus—the product of responsible spending practices, an education system recognized first in class by companies looking to relocate, and business-friendly legislation.

· On June 28, 2017, Forbes reports NC Is The National Model For Tax Reform.

· July 11, 2017, George Mason University’s Mercatus Center Rates NC 15th Fiscal Strength.

· July 3 Fit Small Business Rates NC best state for starting a business.

· This summer NC Dept. of Comm. released record tourism numbers for 2016; record $22.9 bb +4.3% from 2015.

· In May Site Selection Magazine Ranked NC #1 in Economic Competitiveness for the 3rd straight year.

· NC June 2017 Unemployment dropped to 4.2% from 11.0% in 2010

· NC Savings Reserve is now $1.838 billion, our largest ever

· NAEP reports NC 4th grade reading proficiency is at its highest level ever, and trending above national averages.