Regardless of one’s political views, excellence in education for the benefit of our children I believe is one of our most common and highest priorities. The Henderson County School System exemplifies this excellence. Please join me in congratulating Henderson County Public Schools Superintendent Bo Caldwell, the Henderson County School Board, and all the diligent and dedicated educators in our community for their recent monumental result. 20 of 23 Henderson County Schools metor exceeded their target for growth for the 2016-17 school year. This achievement is the 6th best in NC out of 115 LEAs.

Here’s an example of the work ethic we see from Bo Caldwell; When I called him last night to offer my personal congratulations well after hours, he was still at his office preparing for meetings with his staff to discuss how they could do even better next year. Thank you Bo. He is pictured with me here at a recent football field ribbon cutting for my alma mater, West Henderson High School.

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