To supplement his family's income, Chuck began work as a McDonald’s grill person in 1977 at the age of 16 in Hendersonville’s Spartanburg Hwy location. His career ambition at that time was to become a Forest Ranger, a Wildlife Enforcement Officer, or work in Forest Management.  As a result of his strong work ethic, he was encouraged to join McDonald’s Corporation's management team in 1979 and quickly developed a keen interest in business management.  He was sponsored by several mentors who saw and fostered his leadership skills.

Chuck worked in McDonald’s Corporation Restaurant Management in Hendersonville, Brevard, Marion, and Asheville until 1987 when he was promoted to Technology Coordinator, responsible for installation and training of technology systems in 150 McDonald’s Restaurants. In 1989 he was promoted to multi-restaurant supervision, overseeing total budget, sales development and operations for Western NC and Spartanburg, SC.  He was then promoted to a Franchise Business Consultant in 1991, working with and training Franchisees to develop business plans, improve sales, grow profits, manage human resource programs, and improve operations.  In this role, he assisted new Franchisees in their start-up efforts. In 1996 he was promoted to McDonald’s Corporation Development Coordinator with responsibilities to assist in site identification and development and coordinate new and special venue development.  As a result, he helped open over 100 new restaurants over his career.  In 1998, while living in Hendersonville and based in Greenville, SC, Chuck was given development responsibilities in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Georgia.  Later in 1998 he was offered the opportunity to purchase the Hendersonville McDonald’s franchise.  In 2001 he purchased the Brevard, NC McDonald’s Franchise, followed by the Canton, NC McDonald’s Franchise in 2008.

He and Teresa Currently own and operate seven McDonald’s Franchises and employ 390 people in Western North Carolina.

McDonald’s Service Appointments
• McDonald’s local advertising association board of directors for eight years, and President f
or four years.
• McDonald’s Regional Profit Team Chairman
• McDonald’s Vendor management Team Chairman
• Chairman of McDonald’s Regional Government Relations Committee representing approximately 850 restaurants

Entegra Financial Corporation
In 2013, Chuck was hired as a Director by Macon Bank which is now known as Entegra Financial Corporation. Since that time he has played a role to convert it to a publically traded company that trades on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange, grow its assets by $400 million, and expand it into other markets. He serves on their Audit, Human Resource & Compensation, and Technology Committees.

Other Businesses
Chuck started one real estate management and holding company in 2006 and another in 2007.  Both still operate as going concerns today.

In 2015 Chuck purchased a self-storage facility.