Caucus Memberships


I'm a proud and active member of many Legislative Caucuses.  Each of these caucuses are bipartisan in nature and involve members of both the NC Senate and NC House.  We meet regularly to discuss issues and brainstorm possible solutions to address needs and interests in our districts.  Subject matter experts such as scientists, CEO's, and professors are often invited to share information and answer our questions.  Occasional field trips are taken in order to see solution examples in action.

Legislative Caucuses of which Chuck is a member

  • Prayer Caucus

The NC Prayer Caucus meets 2-3 times per week when the Legislature is in session where we discuss the protection of religious freedoms and preserving our Judeo Christian heritage. It is common for prayer requests to include strength, vision, and wisdom for all elected leaders.

  • Biotechnology Caucus

The Biotechnology/Life Science Caucus usually meets weekly when the Legislature is in session, and meets occasionally when out of session. Discussions center towards informing Legislators of the vast research taking place today, and its implications to the future of health care in America. We also discuss issues important to this growing NC industry its effect on our economy.

  • Rural and Agricultural Caucus

Agriculture plays a fundamental role in NC’s economy and for our national security. This caucus discusses issues that face our farmers and rural communities. Great emphasis is placed on the preservation of farmland, education requirements needed for agriculture related jobs, and incenting farm heirs to keep their family traditions alive.

  • Sportsman's Caucus

The Sportsman’s Caucus sprang from the formation of the National Assembly of Sportsmen’s Caucuses (NASC). Working closely with the NC Wildlife Resources Commission our goal is to protect and advance hunting, recreational angling and shooting, trapping and professional fish and wildlife management in our state.

  • Technology Caucus

As a member of the state’s Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Information Technology I have been invited to join the newly formed Tech Caucus. The mission of this caucus is to create an opportunity and open environment for legislators with technology experience, and/or an interest in seeing improvements to the procurement and deployment of technology in state government, as well as an interest in supporting the growth of the tech sector in our state.