Introduce Chuck

Although he has now been elected to hold a public office, Chuck denies being a politician. He instead describes himself as a businessman transformed into a public servant. He explains that it is subservient leadership to others that have helped him achieve the success that he enjoys today, and he intends to carry that line of thinking onto the Senate floor. 

He was born into what he calls a common work class family and raised on mountain values. He started working behind the counter at McDonald’s at the age of 16. He attended public school graduating from West Henderson High School, and he studied business at Blue Ridge Community College.

After a very successful career in corporate America, he and his wife Teresa now own seven of their restaurant franchises and have several other business interests. They enjoy spending time with their family and granddaughter.

While many describe Chuck in life as having accomplished some extraordinary things, he claims that he is simply a common man- and that what is remarkable is the opportunities that have been made available to him by being born in the United States. 

He has a long history of serving his community on numerous boards and committees and was first elected to the NC Senate in 2016. 

During his tenure, Chuck has steadily gained recognition among his peers in the Senate for his ability to apply his business acumen and personal values to issues before that body. As a result, he has amassed an impressive list of committee assignments, which he has played a significant role in improving the lives of those living in his district and for all North Carolinians.