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From My Senate Desk

As I have met with hundreds of people this holiday weekend, I realize that there is a lot of buzz about the amendments that are proposed to our state’s constitution. We will see these on the November 6th ballot. Please click the link below to open a document that will explain what they are, the language that will be on the ballot, and in the order that they will appear. I supported all six from the Senate floor, and I plan to vote YES for each on election day.

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Obtaining $200,000 from the state in order for Henderson County Public Schools to expand the phenomenally successful Leader In Me program is a great example of the commitment of the NC General Assembly to public education.

It is important to me, and I have heard from parents as well that it is important we give our children the opportunity to learn the necessary skills to be successful in this digital age. Broadband connectivity in every classroom will offer our children the opportunity to learn computer skills which will become vital in the job market.

As a member of the Joint Oversight Committee on Economic Development and Commerce Committees, I am pleased to announce the results of some work taken place to further accelerate the economy of North Carolina.

My office has heard from many people who are concerned that their school has chosen to close on Wednesday, May 16th so that teachers may assemble in Raleigh. Many are concerned that their children’s education is being disrupted. Many are concerned that the classroom time must be made up by tacking time onto the end of remaining school days thus forcing many more days of schedule interference.