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From My Senate Desk

NC Achieves a Unique Milestone

It is important to me, and I have heard from parents as well that it is important we give our children the opportunity to learn the necessary skills to be successful in this digital age. Broadband connectivity in every classroom will offer our children the opportunity to learn computer skills which will become vital in the job market.

I am excited that this new capability will also help students learn necessary research skills that will further their education.

By instilling these skills at a young age students will have the ability to learn outside of the textbook, allowing new material and lessons to be crafted and taught. Many students may not yet have internet access in their own home. Our work to now provide it in every classroom in the state has given our children a chance to embrace technology in way not otherwise possible.

NC classrooms are now more capable to equalize the education of students in urban and rural areas.

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