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From My Senate Desk

Standing Strong for our Law Officers

Since deciding to run for office in 2015, Keeping Our Citizens Safe has been one of my top priorities.  I am proud to say that I have worked hard to keep that promise over the past two and half years in office. In fact, the NC Troopers Associations has given me their endorsement.  Here are a few of the bills I have helped to pass that support that priority:

S257 Appropriations Act of 2017

  • More than $4 million to officer training programs
  • Camera Grants: Funds appropriated in S.L. 2015-241 to the Department of Public Safety for body-worn camera grants shall not revert but shall be used to provide matching grants to local and county law enforcement agencies to purchase and place into service body-worn or dashboard video cameras, as defined by G.S. 132-1.4A, and for training and related expenses. These grant funds shall be administered by the Governor's Crime Commission, which shall develop guidelines and procedures for the administration and distribution of grants to those agencies. The maximum grant amount shall not exceed one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000).
  • Added Law Enforcement Officers and Corrections/Probations officers to Enhanced Health Care for retirees
  • Created The State Employee Total Compensation Committee (Committee) is established to study the total compensation of State employees. Total compensation includes cash compensation and the value of heath care, retirement, leave, and other flexible benefits (includes state law enforcement)

S99 Appropriations act of 2018 

  • State Highway Patrol 8% raise
  • Law Enforcement Officer 2% raise
  • Correctional Officers 4% raise


H284 25 Year LEO Retirement Option

  •  Allows separation buyouts for law enforcement officers, effective June 22, 2018;
  • Permits transfers under the special retirement allowance in the Teachers' and State Employees' Retirement System (TSERS) and the Local Governmental Employees Retirement System (LGERS) to be paid in whole or in part with employer contributions, effective July 1, 2019;
  • Allows law enforcement officers with 25 years of creditable service who are members of the TSERS and the LGERS to retire with reduced benefits, effective July 1, 2019; and
  • Effective June 22, 2018, allows the Retirement Systems Division of the Department of State Treasurer to use retirement assets to cover the costs associated with the administration of the changes in the act.