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Senator Edwards Announces New Website Launch

Hendersonville, N.C.- Senator Chuck Edwards (R-Henderson) is pleased to announce today’s official launch of his new website, NC48.com.

This site was developed to serve, and to communicate with the citizens of NC’s 48th Senate District. It is the culmination of several months of research and design that involved dozens of people and input groups.

The new site is modeled after a variety of U.S. Senate sites that were determined to be the most functional, and provide resources to help citizens expeditiously communicate with their offices. Often, forms and information are required before the Senate office can become engaged to help a constituent with an issue. This site serves as a repository for forms and information that can help expedite the transfer of information in those types of situations.

The site also houses a plethora of news and information that might be of interest to the citizens of District 48, including Senator Edwards’ updates from Raleigh.

In the absence of state funding for such a site, it serves to interact with the public as if it were government-sponsored, but it is solely funded by campaign contributions and does not promote any campaign.