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COUNCILMAN KAPOOR: An All At-Large System is Bad for Asheville

Last year I introduced, and the NC General Assembly passed Senate Bill 813 that modernizes the At-Large election system for the City of Asheville that has been in place since 1797. Asheville is only one of two of NC’s most populous cities that have no form of districted elections. City Council is insisting that their citizens do not deserve to have any designated council member that can be held accountable to a district and wants to reverse course.

I applaud Councilman Vijay Kapoor for his insight on districted elections, and his courage to speak up and share his thoughts on opposing Asheville’s latest move. Please take a minute to read his opinion in his most recent newsletter below:


"At last night's City Council meeting, we approved beginning the Charter amendment process to reinstate a City Council primary in March (which I supported) and to go back to the all at-large voting system (which I opposed)...

Council will hold a public hearing on these two Charter changes at our September 24th meeting and will need another meeting to vote on them for the changes to become effective (no date yet set for that meeting, but will likely occur in late October).

I remain committed to my proposal of keeping the five districts, but adding two additional at-large members for a total of nine members. Below are the comments I made at the Council meeting: