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NC governor's stay-at-home order splits GOP officials in state, WNC, Asheville

Democrats have lined up behind Gov. Roy Cooper's 30-day stay-at-home order — but so have many Republicans, signaling less of a partisan divide over the measure that will bring economic pain but that health officials say is necessary to save lives.

Republicans at various levels of elected office gave different opinions. One reached by the Citizen Times said more COVID-19 research should be done before such an extreme measure, while another said it should have come sooner.

"I have contended throughout this crisis that this is a critical time for us to put our trust in the officials we have elected whether we agree with them or not," said Edwards, who represents the 48th District, which was redrawn to include eastern Buncombe County. 

Edwards said he's putting his energy toward helping affected residents and businesses and "in formulating a plan as to how we can better help them once we get back into session."