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Sen. Chuck Edwards Appointed to Interim Committee on Congressional Redistricting

N.C. Sen. Chuck Edwards (R-Henderson) has been appointed to an interim committee to begin the process of drawing new district boundaries for use in the 2020 election for U.S. House of Representatives. The committee was created by N.C. Senate Leader Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) and House Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland).

“While I loathe the fact that activist judges are writing a legislative policy from their benches, we must respect our form of government. I consider it an honor to have been selected for the critically important task of ensuring that fair congressional maps are in place for the 2020 election,” Edwards said in a news release.

“I realize that the term ‘fair’ has a different meaning to different people, and I doubt that everyone will agree on the result even after we redraw these congressional maps for the second time.”