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Senator criticizes social workers in case involving 9-year-old with nowhere to go

(WLOS) — A drug arrest several months ago in Black Mountain has a state senator looking for answers. The case involved a 9-year-old child girl who was caught in the middle of a drug arrest. 

According to reports, police contacted DSS and a staffer said she could not call a worker to the scene but could only write a report.

“My initial reaction was just disbelief,” State Sen. Chuck Edwards said of the March 20 incident in Black Mountain. "They had asked for help from Buncombe County DSS, and, ultimately, the direction Black Mountain police received from Buncombe DSS was to leave the 9-year old girl with a man she didn’t know.”

Buncombe County DSS director Stoney Blevins said state law prohibits him from commenting on any pending case.

“Any time you’re on a scene and there are a lot of things happening, there’s always the chance for miscommunication. But I would say, in Buncombe County, we have an excellent track record of responding immediately to situations” Blevins said.

Edwards said he plans to subpoena people to testify to what happened.

“I think members on the Oversight Committee for Health and Human Services are extremely interested to understand what may have happened here. I’m very confident we will see a subpoena very soon,” Edwards said.