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State Lawmakers Return To Raleigh For New Session – Transylvania County, NC

State lawmakers, including Republicans N.C. Sen. Chuck Edwards and N.C. Rep. Jake Johnson, are back in Raleigh, with the General Assembly convening yesterday.

In the Senate, Edwards represents District 48, which includes Transylvania, Henderson and Buncombe counties. Edwards has been appointed to the following committees: Agriculture, Energy and Environment (chair), Commerce and Insurance (chair), Appropriations on Agriculture, Environment and Natural resources (chair), Finance, Judiciary, Redistricting, and Rules and Operations of the Senate.

“My legislative work plan for this session includes about 40 items,” Edwards said. “At the top of the list is to restore N.C. citizens’ faith in the election process. While our election was not called into question to other states’ extent, we still must do better.

“The budget this year will be one of the most difficult in years. Due to the pandemic and the inconsistent and unfair demands on businesses, our revenue is expected to be much less than that to which we have grown accustomed. Tough choices need to be made. Next, we must clarify what our governor’s power should be when we are in a state of emergency and for how long an executive order can remain in place without review by another governing authority. Legislative and congressional maps must be redrawn this year, and I have been appointed to the committee responsible to do that.

“At the top of my list is to introduce legislation that will require local governments like Asheville to adequately fund their police departments. Recent crime numbers reveal that defunding police is not a good idea.”