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National Anthem

America has always been a melting pot of different cultures, backgrounds, beliefs, and nationalities. The one thing that has always crossed these differences is love for country and freedom.

Our patriotism has led us through the darkest times. America was created due to the love of the things held dear in the lyrics of our national anthem. We once stood so proudly, entrenched with love of country, when our colors were raised. Now, kneeling or sitting during the anthem gets more attention than those who fought and died for our right to protest.
The men and women who wear our flag on their uniform daily, who take up arms to protect our freedom, who love our country so dearly they walk into a battlefield to protect it, deserve honor and respect. The Armed Forces and our Veterans have fought for our flag and over 1.2 million have died for our flag, the least we can do is stand to honor them.
The days after the greatest tragedy our nation has seen were marked in red, white and blue. In the wake of 9/11, our patriotism is what held our nation together. We became stronger. We knew that if we united together, nothing could divide us. Right now, we could all use that attitude. There are so many things that divide us, the national anthem and our flag have always been about what unites us.
I believe in our First Amendment rights, I believe in the peaceful right to protest, I do not agree that these have to occur as our flag is presented. Even though it has been stated that these are not protests against those who fight for our country, it is a direct symbol of what they fight for. Americans have always been prepared to pick up and fight for the ideals we hold dear. The flag is a symbol of our freedoms and our rights, the American dream and those who have died to allow us to embody what our Founding Fathers dreamed of. All of these things deserve respect.
Our history is rooted in patriotism. The American Flag and National Anthem represent those who have given everything to afford us our rights as Americans, including the right to protest. Isn’t that something that deserves to be celebrated?