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There are many measurable indicators as to our education system is preparing our young people for job readiness. This week the College Board released SAT scores for NC students, and the results are

Before 2011, North Carolina was facing an economic crisis. Decades of irresponsible tax and spend policies left the state unprepared for the recession, and when it hit, North Carolinians were forced to pay the price for those bad decisions.

Two of my Senate colleagues make a very strong case for why a truly bipartisan board of ethics and elections is right for North Carolina. They cite many of the reasons I supported the measure in legislation in November 2016, then after a multitude of court battles, I supported it to be on the ballot next week.

Numerous studies tell us that what happens in a child’s early years sets the foundation for all the years that follow. Unfortunately, too many of our children do not receive the attention or the resources that they need to build this foundation.

Since 2011, the General Assembly has returned taxpayer money to North Carolinians through historic, economy-boosting tax cuts. Prior, the legislature imposed the highest taxes in the Southeast – and some of the highest in the country – on working North Carolina families. The revenues extracted from the citizenry were used on failed spending programs that threw North Carolina into crisis during the recession.