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Hendersonville, N.C.- Senator Chuck Edwards (R-Henderson) is pleased to announce today’s official launch of his new website, NC48.com.

In continuing our celebration of Constitution Week I hope you will come and join us on September 19th for the Henderson County Charters of Freedom Dedication Ceremony.

As I have met with hundreds of people this holiday weekend, I realize that there is a lot of buzz about the amendments that are proposed to our state’s constitution. We will see these on the November 6th ballot. Please click the link below to open a document that will explain what they are, the language that will be on the ballot, and in the order that they will appear. I supported all six from the Senate floor, and I plan to vote YES for each on election day.

Read more here.

I was honored to speak to the Henderson County Women's Club regarding the legislative successes our district and county have seen over the past year. A lot of time we only hear about the what can be portrayed as negative in the media.

America has always been a melting pot of different cultures, backgrounds, beliefs, and nationalities. The one thing that has always crossed these differences is love for country and freedom.