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“One race is inherently superior to another.”
“All Americans are not created equal.”

Do you think teachers should compel students to accept any of these concepts?

The nucleus of self-governance – the idea that the people, not some ruler, govern themselves – is voting. Every aspect of self-government revolves around the people casting a ballot every two years to decide who represents them. Trust in our elections has eroded, and average Americans distrust the process. Others aren't sure what to believe, but doubt has been cast. With these raised concerns, I get many questions about where we go from here and what we can do in NC.

We still have much work to do, but the reason that North Carolina has not been in the center of the recent controversy is that I- and other Republicans have been making election integrity one of our highest priorities.

Much has been written over the past ten years about gerrymandering. At this point, it's quite literally been litigated to death, and the word has been exhausted.

But not enough attention has been paid to the districts drawn for the most recent 2020 election.

Many North Carolinians believe that Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion is a deal too good to pass up. Most of them are not taking the time to look beyond the partisan talking points.  Why wouldn’t North Carolina want to offer “free” health insurance to more than half a million residents and only pay for 10 percent of the cost, since the feds promise to cover the rest of the tab?

Since I have served in NC Senate I have been hearing that our society may be in the midst of a constitutional crisis. I am reminded by more and more citizens that through their rulings and opinions, often judges are making law from the bench that would otherwise be the duty of the legislature. Perhaps they are right.