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Last week in a landmark ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that redistricting is a firmly legislative and political matter outside the scope of the courts.

While most of the media coverage surrounding the decision has taken the sensationalist route, with hyperbolic headlines that scream, “Supreme Court Refuses to Outlaw Gerrymandering,” I think it’s important that we take a look at what the opinion of the court actually said.

Two of my Senate colleagues make a very strong case for why a truly bipartisan board of ethics and elections is right for North Carolina. They cite many of the reasons I supported the measure in legislation in November 2016, then after a multitude of court battles, I supported it to be on the ballot next week.

America has always been a melting pot of different cultures, backgrounds, beliefs, and nationalities. The one thing that has always crossed these differences is love for country and freedom.

Over this legislative season, I have been proud to work in the North Carolina Senate to create lasting and real change to better the lives of citizens in District 48 and across the state. Some of the changes that I am most proud of are the changes that we have made to education.

So many young people seem enthralled with the attention they see athletes receive in the media. While our right to protest is protected, and can sometimes lead to needed change, there are better times than others to exercise this privilege. Please see my recent op-ed picked up by the Hendersonville Lightning here.