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A new bill in the North Carolina General Assembly aims to fix all the help wanted signs around the state.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Across the Triad right now, Indeed shows there are about 40,000 open jobs, and leading Republicans at the state capital say they know why. "We believe the way to get folks back to work primarily is by ending some of the things we've seen coming from the federal government," said Lt. Governor Mark Robinson. 

RALEIGH -- Giving bonuses to North Carolina's unemployment benefit recipients who get a job soon would help both business struggling to fill vacancies and residents who need a nudge to return to work, Republican lawmakers said Tuesday.

The state Senate voted 35-10 for legislation that would provide $1,500 to people who accept reemployment within 30 days of the bonus program starting. The bonus would drop to $800 if they begin employment on or after 30 days but before 60 days.

Unemployed people who get a job would receive a one-time bonus of $1,500 under legislation spearheaded by Republicans in the N.C. General Assembly.

“I hear in my district constantly from employers that while masks are coming off, capacities are going up, our economy is poised for a recovery, we have a stagnant system that is not allowing employers to hire the workforce that they need,” said Sen. Chuck Edwards, R-Buncombe. “Many folks believe that it’s the federal assistance — so many stimulus packages — that are preventing people from going back to work.”

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A handful of North Carolina Republicans are trying to figure out a way to entice people back to work, including the possibility of cash bonuses. 

The bill presented Thursday would use federal money to pay people $1,500 as an incentive for taking a new job.

Getting off unemployment and back to work might soon earn North Carolinians as much as an extra $1,500, under a proposal Republican lawmakers introduced Thursday to pay people to get a job.

The idea was introduced by Sen. Chuck Edwards, a Hendersonville Republican who owns several McDonald’s restaurants and is the co-chair of a joint committee on unemployment issues. His proposal would redirect federal unemployment money to instead be used for these signing bonuses, which would be $1,500 for unemployed people who start a new job by June 1, or $800 for people who start a new job between June 2 and July 1.