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My SCOTUS Op-Ed was also published by Hendersonville Lightning. You can read it here.

I appreciate the bloodhound style of reporting from Asheville Citizen Times columnist John Boyle towards the transparency of my legislation and the negotiation of the contract to bring the Pisgah View State Park to WNC. I respect his willingness to say, "my antennae have settled down a bit." What a refreshing response from a journalist.

What the Supreme Court Ruling Really Means.

Please read my Op-Ed published first in the Asheville Citizen Times here.

With its proximity to Asheville and Interstate 40, as well as to the Pisgah National Forest and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and parkway, Edwards said he believes the recreation and scenic values of the ranch could boost it to one of the most visited attractions in the state.

After the 25-18 party-line vote in the Senate, the measure heads back to the House for one final vote before going to Gov. Roy Cooper.

"This bill is the right thing to do if we're clear on who we should protect – criminals or law-abiding citizens," said Sen. Chuck Edwards, R-Henderson. "What we're talking about is cooperating with an agency that is trying to protect us."