From My Senate Desk Chuck Edwards

Chuck Edwards Stands for the Strong Economy

As a representative of District 48 NC, Chuck Edwards is aimed at helping our residents change their lives for the better. Therefore, a few new initiatives were created to support people and give the economy the necessary impetus for further growth and development.

Accessible Financing for Students

Although not each student’s family can show an “exceptional” financial need, we now have multiple households that don’t have enough savings to pay for a child’s education. Chuck Edwards stands for creating accessible private loans for students that can act as a reasonable alternative to federal loans.

Small Business Development

One of the main goals in creating new jobs is to build an environment that helps small businesses feel comfortable, start growing, and be in need of new employees. Chuck Edwards proposes to achieve this through tax relief, accessible small business financing options, and creating activities that allow entrepreneurs to share their experiences with each other to reach new heights.

Safe Environment

Mr. Edwards strongly believes our residents deserve to live in a healthy and safe place where our children will want to stay. Therefore, he wants to detect problem areas and create a safe environment by improving them. First, we should start with lowering crime rates, improving lighting on streets, and implementing the green architecture.

Affordable Loans for Needy Families

Since 13.6% of North Carolinians live in poverty, Chuck Edwards wants to help needy individuals and families rebuild their financial strength and get accessible assistance when they get into difficult financial situations. Therefore, in partnership with online lending companies and connecting platforms, he designs new affordable financial products for people with credit difficulties and below-average incomes.

New Programs for Single Mothers

Single moms face multiple problems and difficulties while raising their children. Mr. Edwards wants to support them by creating more programs aimed at providing single mothers with food, medicare, and education opportunities.