From My Senate Desk 2019 NCGA


2019 NCGA Gun Control Legislation Highlights

Despite efforts by anti-gun legislators to restrict your rights, no gun control bills have advanced. Thanks to the pro-Second Amendment majorities in both the Senate and House of Representatives for protecting the rights of law-abiding citizens and stopping the following bills:

House Bill 86 Gun Violence Prevention Act - (Primary Sponsors: Reps. Clark, Morey, Harrison, & Willingham; Co-sponsors: Reps. Autry, Brockman, Butler, Cunningham, Dahle, Fisher, Gill, Hawkins, Insko, Majeed, Martin, Quick, K. Smith, & Terry)

  • Allow cities and counties to establish their own rules on where guns are permitted
  • 72-hour waiting period before the buyer could take the gun home
  • Ban high-capacity ammunition magazines
  • Ban trigger cranks and bump stocks
  • Require gun owners to carry liability insurance
  • Require permits for the purchase of long guns and what is defined as assault weapons
  • Require gun owners to report a lost or stolen weapon to law enforcement within 48 hours
  • Allow law enforcement to destroy seized firearms
  • Make it a misdemeanor to fail to store a firearm in a secure, locked container when not in use
  • Restrict assault-style weapons from anyone under the age of 21

House Bill 139 Youth Gun Violence Study Commission - (Primary Sponsors: Reps. Pierce & Black; Co-sponsors: Alexander, Autry, Ball, Belk, Brockman, Butler, Carney, Clark, Clemmons, Cunningham, Dahle, Farmer-Butterfield, Fisher, Garrison, Graham, Harrison, Holley, Insko, John, Lucas, Majeed, Meyer, Morey, Quick, Reives, & Terry)

  • Allow a commission to study the availability of guns to juveniles
  • Study the incidence of gun violence among juveniles in North Carolina
  • Study programs in other states that show successful outcomes in educating juveniles about the dangers of guns and the feasibility of implementing those programs in North Carolina
  • Look at handgun buyback programs in other states and the possibility of implementing such a program in North Carolina
  • Study the possibility of implementing youth mentoring programs that aim to reduce gun violence among juveniles

House Bill 456 Permit Req'd/Assault Weapon & Long Gun - (Primary Sponsors: Reps. Clark, Morey, & Harrison; Cosponsors: Ager, Alexander, Ball, Belk, Brockman, Butler, Cunningham, Dahle, Fisher, Gill, Holley, Insko, Logan, Majeed, Richardson, & Terry)

  • Requires permits to purchase “Assault Weapons”

House Bill 842 Register Assault Weapon & Report Lost Firearm - (Primary Sponsors: Reps. Martin, Morey, Clark, & Harrison; Co-sponsors: Ball, Belk, Carney, Cunningham, Dahle, Fisher, Gill, Insko, Logan, Majeed, & Terry)

  • Requires registration of many semi-automatic firearms commonly owned for lawful purposes such as self-defense and competition
  • Requires reporting of any lost firearms

House Bill 815 Firearm in Unattended Vehicle/Safely Store - (Reps. Morey, Clark, Harrison, & Martin; Cosponsors: Ball, Belk, Carney, Cunningham, Dahle, Fisher, Gill, Majeed, & Terry)

  • Imposes a one-size-fits-all requirement for how firearms must be secured in vehicles
  • Would criminalize having a firearm in an unattended locked vehicle
  • Requires firearms in locked vehicles to also be secured with a locking device or within a locked container



Senate Bill 565 Extreme Risk Protection Orders - (Primary Sponsors: Sens. McKissick, Chaudhuri, & Peterson; Co-sponsors: Ball, Belk, Carney, Cunningham, Dahle, Fisher, Gill, Majeed, & Terry)

House Bill 454 Allow ERPOs to Save Lives & Prevent Suicides - (Primary Sponsors: Reps. Morey, Clark, Harrison, & Martin; Co-sponsors: Adcock, Autry, Ball, Belk, Brockman, Butler, Carney, Clemmons, Cunningham, Dahle, Everitt, Fisher, Gill, Harris, Holley, Insko, Jackson, John, Logan, Lucas, Majeed, Meyer, Pierce, Quick, Reives, Terry, & von Haefen)

  • Enacts new GS Chapter 50E – providing a court procedure for concerned citizens, family members, and law enforcement to petition a court to obtain an ERPO to temporarily restricting a person’s access to firearms where a person poses a significant danger of harming themselves or others by possessing a firearm
  • The gun owner will appear in court within ten days for a decision on the duration of their ERPO – guns may be returned or revoked for up to a year