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MADD Advocates Tightening North Carolina Roadside Testing Law

Mothers Against Drunk Driving says there's a loophole in North Carolina law when determining alcohol impairment on the side of the road. MADD says roadside measurements currently recorded are not fully used. The organization says a recent stop in the mountains, like many statewide, illustrates subjectivity in whether DWI charges are filed or not, and it wants to see the law change.

An intoxilizer is another, more formal breathalyzer test with certified chemical analysis, with results admissible in court. MADD's Ellen Pitt wants a change to North Carolina law requiring the specific number recorded by the Alco-Sensor to be used, as it is in 21 other states.

Pitt and State Senator Chuck Edwards plan to introduce a bill to the General Assembly early next year to allow the Alco-Sensor numbers to prove probable cause for arrest.