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STATEMENT: Edwards Responds to Negative Article on Asheville Riots and Police Department

RALEIGH, N.C. – Sen Chuck Edwards (R-Henderson) today issued the following statement in response to recent riots in Asheville and the Asheville Police Department:

"When I read stories from legitimate outlets that seriously contemplate defunding the police or advocating violence, I know something is terribly wrong.

"Police have been the only people standing between rioters and destruction. They've taken bricks to the head. They've lost teeth. Some have even been killed.

"Monday morning quarterbacking is, I'm sure, a fun pastime for 20-something journalists whose most frightening experience is learning they have a gluten allergy.

"But police officers have been in the middle of a volatile, dangerous situation for days, and one need only look at the riotous destruction to know that violence is possible at every corner.

"It's impossible for police officers to determine in an instant whether a handful of people assaulting them means a large crowd will become violent. They make split-second decisions that could determine if they live or die.

"Once the riots dies down – because the police have restored order – we can look back and analyze the response. But give the hundreds of thousands of good, humble, and endangered police officers around this country a little bit of grace under fire."